Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Vispo: untitled / Lee Perry is Boss

Untitled, RTomens, 2017
The piece with no name rides into town, passes the artist and says "Make me three pieces", then rides on, realises it only needs one and upon return says "My mistake, make that one" - "Clint Eastwood is boss!" as Lee Perry said....

...lots of Lee Perry in my ears recently; more than usual. He is 'boss'. 

Not much art-making over the bank holiday. It's good to take a break, isn't it? Though I my creative mechanism rusts over pretty quickly. No title for the vispo piece I've posted. Partly because I couldn't be bothered to search for one, partly because it didn't immediately suggest one. 'Untitled' is infinite, just like, in theory, art variations, although we know that's not strictly true. Neither is 'freedom' since the richest person in the world is a slave to money/character/time and place. 

Reproduction/variation: the vispo piece derives from a photo I took a couple of years ago. I've worked on a few variations before deciding not to release them into the world. Reduction is sometimes good for art...and always good for wine in cooking. 

Perhaps it's fitting for a vispo piece to remain untitled since it goes unrecognised as 'art' in what's known as 'the art world; you know, that place inhabited by curators, dealers and 'successful' artists. The invisible art of vispo. World play, playing with words is only Art if you're being 'conceptual'. If not, go away. Well, vispo doesn't want to be Art. It doesn't care. So there.

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