Monday, 19 February 2018

Cursor - 5 variations

For too many people concrete is a head trip, which is to say, an intellectual trip, and as such I can look at it and admire it. For most people I know it is a gut experience. 
- BP Nichol, 1970

Perhaps by 1970 concrete poetry's legs were tiring. After the big bang of the 50s and the boom in the 60s it seemed to be a debatable genre, as all art movements are in time. Innovation gives way to imitation, yet variations on early forms cannot be dismissed except by weary seen-it-all-before cynics. There may be limitations regarding what can be done with text when it comes to structural forms, yet the permutations within any one form is endless. 'Vispo' is a more commonly-used term these days, although the 2015 anthology,  The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, had it's cake and ate it, title-wise.

Nichol rightly points to the intellectual aspect of concrete poetry. For some it is an exercise in the theoretical exploration of words and their 'meaning'. Critics have written from a university thesis standpoint in order to mine the potential meanings of the meta-text, linguistic philosophy, visual representation etc.   

For me, it is a 'gut experience' first and foremost, which is not so say that there aren't sometimes thoughts  regarding meaning behind the process. It will depend on the content as much as the form. I prefer to leave it to the viewer to apply their own 'meanings' to my work. These pieces were created using the twofold process of digital and print. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Lost In Translation x 3

Of life of art. 
intimate with itself. 
Forming language written into every sentence
translated - read relics. 
To be language 
be carved in life itself. 
Out of ignorant breath once more 
all human is fundamentally word.

Sentences of life 
Be language -
read any art. 
Forming grammatically human 
written word once more intimate.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

After A While It Gets A Bit Much

RTomens, 2018

Art books were manageable. You flicked through, perhaps from front to back, or random page to back (or front).
Today the internet is an endless art book with no beginning and no end.
This should be pleasurable.
But after a while it gets a bit much.

Metal me

Metal me

Move to your mind /// creepin' up………… should shit.
Dont hesitate, don't pet me if you can /  Don't care - unwind lay down..................
Chattin in a hurry –
Know you’re not kind of street (oh please)
Let’s keep it calm /
I waste you - got a masterplan - I'll make bullets - I'm a problem
Socialise in Hackney puffin' waste
Sit around /////
My name is big up - If you want beef - you'll get a rudeboy.
I blaze my slang - I waste you - collapse leave crew and bang 
Remove your lip //
Got a temper, don't want beef today / 
Digits'll leave you stiff dazed and damp 
I slam my fingers - listen to time…
Bad boy neighbourhood keep creep crawlin'… metal me never talk bad words…

Art Keeps Me Awake

RTomens, 2018

Artists! Worried about succeeding?
Concerned about the quality of your work?
Anxious that no gallery wants you?
Sad about the amount of people that see your work?
Don't worry!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Digital art: Combat Alienation

RTomens, 2018

The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images.
- Guy Debord

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Prints: Fahrenheit 451

Three prints as part of the Fahrenheit 451 series. Each is 19.5 x 25cm. There are different prints on the reverse of each since they were originally intended to be part of a booklet. The source is original photography. They are for sale so if you're interested please email me at Scans of the other two would be sent to prospective buyers. I'm open to offers regarding the cost of either one or all three.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Digital Art: High Dive (1 0f 5) / On pages burning

RTomens, 2018

On pages burning

The great world want letters - the web possible tones - the thoughts - all live the loss - their connections - I who fiction books - I of bone paper strength want titles names subject threaded - books all  formed country and love And physical famous characters interwoven - read by words - mental formed physical bonds - stories on pages burning live all the sentences...